MY ASSets:

Java/Kotlin (Spring and Android mainly),
C and C++ (Qt),
Web development (PHP [Symfony, Laravel], HTML5, CSS3, JS [Vanilla and ReactJS]),
Linux server administration,
Penetration testing and audits of information systems,
Reverse engineering,
Some hacking on embedded systems.

Contact: me at pey.ph

Noteworthy projects I’ve done:

A mail server in Kotlin: features SMTP/POP3 servers with mandatory TLS, SpamAssassin integration and minimal webmail.

Pure-JS, dependency free GitHub cards to showcase your work, visible on my portfolio page.

A Todo SPA webapp using Kotlin and Spring Boot. Powered with a RESTful API, it is possible to build a mobile application on top of it.

A bot for the Dofus game. I reverse-engineered the game’s network protocol and built a Java application capable of interacting with the servers. Not updated anymore because it was just a Proof-of-concept.

A multi-threaded snake game in C. I wanted to do some multi-threading in C. The game also features an “automatic” mode where the computer play using the A* algorithm.

All my projects are available on my GitHub.